Dining & Food court – Shankus Waterpark
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The streets of India brought to you in the form of Mandy’s kitchen. With all the yummy foods and combos you can think of, mandy’s kitchen takes you to Bombay and Delhi’s food street. No matter under what weather you are playing on our awesome water rides, Mandy’s kitchen has food for every mood. With a walking distance from every ride, your hunger will be satisfied instantly. Be under the shade while saving yourself from the scorching sun and cool off the heat during summer with refreshing cold drinks available at Mandy’s Kitchen. The clean, hygienic and authentic street food will add more to your splashing experience at Shankus Water park.

For your toddlers, Toadie’s eatery at Shankus water park gives you a continental eating experience accompanied by all fun water rides. Your kids’ small pangs of hunger will be satisfied with combos of their favourite yummy food. The fun-filled bites at Toadie’s eatery keep your children munching endlessly without a cry. You can have fun at water rides and keep eyes on your kids at the same time because Toadie’s eatery is near to every water ride. To double the water rides’ fun, Toadie’s eatery gives you hot and cold beverages every season.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Buddy’s Food Court at Shankus Water Park charms you with its empeccable service, hygienic surroundings and authentic street food to refresh your soaking soul. Our extremely recommended cuisines will remind you of authentic street foods of Bombay & Delhi. With a walking distance from every ride, your hunger will be satisfied instantly. Seize the moment to refresh yourself with cold drinks available at Buddy’s Food Court during the soarching heat. Enjoy, play and swirl with our every ride and dwell in an astounding dishes by the side at Shankus Water Park.

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